Pairing shoulders and arms in the same workout can always turn out as a great session! Increasing the strength of your arms and shoulders will help to increase both your push and pull exercises, such as bench press, row, lat pull down, you name it! Since they are used during these larger muscle group workouts, you usually don’t need to dedicate more than one day a week to shoulders and arms. But the day you do should be brutal!

It is also a major part of improving your overall physique! Increasing your shoulder width and arm size helps better your shoulder to waist ratio and makes your core appear tighter and more aesthetic! When doing these muscle groups together, just like any other workout, start with the larger muscles first. In this case, shoulders. This will keep your heavier or more intense lifts stronger since you have more power in the beginning. As the workout goes on, start moving to smaller muscle groups such as biceps and triceps. Also, you’ll be able to target specific muscles for better contraction and isolation!

Entire workout is listed below


Seated Shoulder Press: Sets: 4     Reps: 10

Plate Loaded Shoulder Press: Sets: 4     Reps: 8 + 2


Compound Set / Tri Set

Shrugs: Sets: 4     Reps: 10

Lateral Raise: Sets: 4     Reps: 10 (Then drop weight for lateral raise and complete 10 more reps after each set)


Preacher Curls: Sets: 4     Reps: 8

Lying Scull Crushers: Sets: 4     Reps: 8


Compound Set

Wide Grip Curls: Sets: 4     Reps: 8

Narrow Grip Curls: Sets: 4     Reps: 8

Super Set

Lying Cable Curls (With Rope): Sets: 4     Reps: 10

Cable Triceps Press Down: Sets: 4     Reps: 10


Notes: Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before starting the real workout. Take no more than 2 minutes between each set. You should be hitting failure at the end of each set but reaching the full rep count. So pick your weight accordingly. Super sets and compound sets require minimal rest time between exercises.

View the quick overview of the full workout below



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