Abs Exercise – Pallof Press

The Pallof Press is a common exercise I use for both my self and my clients to help build a stronger core and improve stability along with energy transfer, which correlates to just about every lift you do.

When setting up for these, face 90 degrees to the cable. Place your feet about shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees, and keep your upper body up tall with your chest open/shoulders back. Keeping your hands right in front of the center of your chest press the handle forward until your arms are straight. Hold out for about 1 second, then pull back in while keeping your elbows in close to your side.

If you’re new to these you can start off fairly light to really focus on engaging your abs, glutes, and lower back, then progress the weight as you improve. Go for 10 – 15 per side.

You don’t need to replace all your abs exercises with these, but the Pallof Press is great to throw into the mix as it works the way your abs are designed to work. To resist rotation or other movement brought on by an external force while stabilizing your spine and hips in a strong position.

Some Example Ab Circuits Including the Pallof Press Include

Hanging Knee Raises + Plank Step Ups + Pallof Press

ViPR Cocoons + Dead Bugs (resisted or body weight) + Pallof Press

Pallof Press + TRX Rollouts + Mountain Climbers

They can also be paired with your main lifts or as a movement prep/pre activation during your warm up to optimize core engagement throughout your workout.

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