Killer Chest & Back Workout

Killer Chest & Back Workout

Want to make the absolute most of your workout to build the classic full chest, bigger and broader upper body, and “V” taper shred? Than you have to give this workout a go! With its combination of heavy lifting, high volume, drop sets, compound and supersets, you’ll be sure to leave the gym totally shot, sore, and satisfied! Not to mention it’s two of the greatest muscle groups to work (in my opinion). Chest and back!

The workout starts with a heavy chest focus with compound and isolation movements! Then when you are feeling fried, we’ll start super setting some heavy back exercises in to finish off and completely dominate your session! But one quick peace of advice before we get started; like any other workout, don’t go into the gym to just half ass it! Get some good nutrition in before hitting this workout, and your mind in gear, or it will hit you back harder than you can hit it! So crank up your music, keep your focus, and kill this workout! It’s game time!

Exercise 1 – Compound Set

Flat Bench Press

Plate Loaded Chest Press

– Bench Press: 6 -8 Reps

– Incline Plate Loaded Press 10 – 12 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set

Here is where you are going to set the tempo for your workout! In your first couple sets. So get in gear, and start it off right! We’re going heavy for the bench press, then slightly lighter for incline plate loaded press. Pick a weight that will have you hitting failure at these specific rep ranges. If you’re falling short, let go of the ego, and get your weights right! Random people in the gym really aren’t watching, or even care how much weight your lifting. And if you’re sacrificing overall volume to lift a weight that is too heavy, you could be falling short by hundreds of pounds when it comes to total workout volume (Weight X Reps X Sets). Complete all 4 sets with determination! Be sure to hit full range on each exercises, and if you want to make it even more difficult, hold a small pause at the bottom of each rep on the incline press.


Exercise 2 – Compound Set

Pec Deck Fly

Flat Chest Press

– Flat Dumbbell Chest Press: 6 – 8 Reps-

– Pec Deck Fly Machine: 12 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set

Here is where your going to really start really feeling the cross over from the pump to burning sensation! That’s good! Embrace it! You’re doing something you haven’t accomplished too often! Whether you feel this in almost all your workouts or not, you should be getting this feeling because you are pushing harder than you did last session. And if that’s not your goal, then you need to check in with yourself, and know your purpose for coming to the gym! Again, pick a weight that has you hitting failure at these specific rep ranges, and keeping good form. When performing the chest press, focus on the slight stretch at the bottom of each rep, and contracting (squeezing) your pecs at the top! Same with the flys. Slight stretch when you come back, pinching the shoulder blades, then isolating the chest as you come forward for the concentric phase. Keep just a very slight bend in your elbows and reach forward at the peak of each rep (when the weight is highest). Remember, the closer your elbows come together at the peak of the rep the more contraction you’re doing with your chest!


Exercise 3 – Drop Set

Chest Dips

Weigthed Dips

– Weighted Dips: 8 Reps

– Dips: 12 Reps (To failure)

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set

Here’s your final fully focused chest exercise. So make it count! For the weighted dips, use a belt to hook up your weight, and keep form in mind on every rep! Lean slightly forward to emphasize more isolation on the chest rather than the triceps. Drop down enough to where your shoulders come down just below elbow height, then contract the chest as you press up to the top. Flex the chest when reach the top for just a second, then go for the next rep. After you hit 8 reps, immediately take off the weight, and burn out with 12 body weight dips. By the end of these 4 sets, you should have what feels like nothing left in the tank for chest! So we’re going to back for a little bit.

Exercise 4 – Drop Set

Pull Ups

Wide Grip Pull Ups

– Weighted Pull Ups: 6 Reps

– Pull Up Negatives (Drop Downs): 6 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set

So now it’s time to start hitting up the back! And since where not doing too many exercises for back, we have to go hard one the sets we are doing! That’s why I incorporated one of the greatest back building exercises first! Weighted pull ups, followed immediately by pull up negatives. Try to use the same weight that you did for the dips. If you can’t do weighted pull ups, just do as many regular pull ups as you can. Then, with the same weight (whether you used a weight, or just your body weight) you are going to perform the pull up negatives. For this, simply step up on a step or small platform to jump up to the top/highest point of the pull up. Then slowly lower your self down for 5 seconds. Then jump right back up for the next rep. Complete all reps, then you can take the 90 second rest. When you’ve earned it. Remember to keep good form on each rep. Think of pulling your upper chest to the bar, and contract your shoulder blades, while still keeping your tight. Even your lower back. At the bottom of each rep, you should come low enough to feel a stretch in your lats.

Exercise 5 – Superset

– Bent Over Barbell Rows: 12 Reps

– Chest Press Machine: 12 Reps

3 Total Sets

Rest time: 30 Seconds between each full set

By now you should be totally exhausted, chest aching, back burning, and ready to finish this! So lets kill it with a final superset! Starting with back, perform a bent over barbell row for 12 reps, immediately followed by the chest press machine for 12 reps. Since we are working opposing muscle groups, there is not as much rest time needed. As you are working chest, your back is resting, and vice versa. By the time you finish your sets, you should barely be able to get the weight up any more! That’s when you know you’ve given your all! It was a great workout, and you fought hard to get through it! Now make the most of it, and get a good post workout meal, and relax for a bit. You might need it.

For more workouts, and/or nutrition plans, feel free to check out more on my website, or contact me directly via email, at



Below is an outline of the full workout to make it easy to follow

Exercise 1 – Compound Set

Bench Press: 6 -8 Reps

Incline Plate Loaded Press 10 – 12 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set


Exercise 2 – Compound Set

Flat Dumbbell Chest Press: 6 – 8 Reps

Pec Deck Fly Machine: 12 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set


Exercise 3 – Drop Set

Weighted Dips: 8 Reps

Dips: 12 Reps (To failure)

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set


Exercise 4 – Drop Set

Weighted Pull Ups: 6 Reps

Pull Up Negatives (Drop Downs): 6 Reps

4 Total Sets

Rest time: 90 Seconds between each full set


Exercise 5 – Superset

Bent Over Barbell Rows: 12 Reps

Chest Press Machine: 12 Reps

3 Total Sets

Rest time: 30 Seconds between each full set

Stop Doing the Wrong Workouts

Stop Doing the Wrong Workouts

When starting a workout program, the best thing to do is to start! Get going on a plan that you will stick to and enjoy. But after a few weeks, if you aren’t changing your routine up and following the right steps for your own success, you will plateau and probably have no idea why, or be unsure what to do in order to keep seeing progress. We call it the Progressive Overload Principle, which basically shows how we need to change at least one of any FITT principle every so often to keep seeing progress and break through plateaus. A good program goes through well developed Macrocycles, Mesocycles, and Microcycles. Progress may slow down at times, but imagine how much more progress you will be making when you can catch it right away, and understand how to change your program to accommodate upcoming progression, and target more direct results, while wasting no days or weeks in the gym! Each workout should be done with a purpose, so doing what’s going to work best for your progress every time should be your number one goal!



Squats with a dark background

The macrocycle consists of your entire workout program. It covers everything to the end goal, which can be achieving a specific weight, physique, consistent energy level, athletic performance level, etc. They usually last for months or even years. It’s not unusual for Olympic athletes to have a well-set macrocycle for a course of many years. But how do we set up these macrocycles to actually work and reach our goal in mind. Work your way back words, and set shorter-term goals, leading to reach the end goal. Think of your end goal, and work your way back to the point you’re at now. Set up smaller “Meso and Microcycles” to meet your goal on time!



Bench Press with dumbbells

It’s difficult to simply work for the same single goal for a long period of time. We need some sort of feeling of achievement to stay excited about our progress and keep going. This is where the mesocycles come in. A macrocycle consists of many mesocycles. They are shorter term goals, and ways of changing your workouts in a timely manner so you avoid plateaus as much as possible. They should last 4 – 6 weeks at a time before making adjustments to your plan. Keep in mind, these adjustments should be working towards your end goal, and always increasing the overall intensity or volume of your workout plan, in order to boost progress!



Group-fitness-classes-With-DakotaLastly, we have microcycles, and as you guessed, these are the smallest portions of your program, but possible most important. The microcycles should last days, or just a few weeks, and should be programmed for small achievable goals such as losing 3 pounds of fat in a specific week, gaining a pound of muscle in 1 week, or increasing your bench press by 10 pounds in 2 weeks. These help you realize all the progress you are really making, which in turn, can be the biggest motivator to keep you excited and on track! So small adjustments to your microcycles can help keep you on track with daily progression, and more importantly, launch you to your full macrocycle goal!


Why We Do All This

We do all this for obviously many reasons, but the biggest one for me is breaking down your goals into smaller shorter term ones, so you are more likely to keep yourself accountable and stay on the right track to reach your biggest goal within the time you set out to! So by programming your workout plan with the right macro, meso, and microcycle, you can stay on a much more direct track, which you see working for yourself first hand every week, and finally reaching your end goal. After all, you spend a lot of time and work hard in the gym. Doesn’t it make sense to do just a little more in order to make all that time spend that much more worth it!


We Can Help

Now with all that said, I know for many people that one of the hardest parts can be setting up what is actually the best cycles for you to reach your goals in mind! You can try workout routines for years and feel like you’re taking forever to actually be honest with yourself, and get where you want! Or, simply send me an email at, and I will be happy to help you out! Getting yourself on the right track can be the best step you’ve ever taken when it comes to your health and fitness goals! So don’t waist anymore time in the gym with the wrong routines! Take the right steps now, and you’ll be amazed how fast you can truly progress!

Shed Fat To Keep It Off

Shed Fat To Keep It Off

Getting lean, healthy, and in the best shape of your life has been made to seem very complicated when really there are simple steps to actually make it happen! Everyone wants to get in better shape, but only few actually know how to do it right. Most people will lose weight then put it right back on quicker than they lost it. Other’s will try but won’t lose any weight at all. But the ones who get in great shape, and stay that way, didn’t just get lucky! It’s not because they are genetically gifted, have more time to do it, or any other excuse that you may come up with. There are plenty of wrong ways to do it, and just a few right ways. They did it right, and it shows. So here I am going to go over the most important aspects to actually shedding body fat, and achieving a great physique for your next vacation, spring break, summer time season, competition, wedding, or simply because you want to live a happier, healthier, more energetic, and attractive life!


#1 The Right Diet For You

Nutrition is the most important part of seeing results from any health or fitness program! It accounts for at least 75% of our results. To lose weight, you need to eat slightly less calories than you burn each day. Unfortunately the majority of the people (usually ones who try to lose weight wrong) think they just need to keep eating less. That is not necessary how to do it! Maybe eat less of the foods they currently are eating, but replace it with healthy options. Some may even need to slightly increase their amounts eaten. If you eat too little, your body won’t give up the fat it has now. Don’t go less than 8 calories per pound of bodyweight each day. Taking out the foods that cause negative effects and replacing them with more nutrient dense options, will keep you feeling more full, and energized, while aiding in burning fat and aid in muscle repair, and tone. Another thing is portion sizes. Americans tend to get so many calories in a single meal from crappy foods, directly causing unwanted weight gain. This is very easy to do when drinking too many sugar filled  containing drinks such as soda. All of this added up leads to where you are now. If you’re not happy with where you are now, here are some simple changes to make to actually reach your weight goals.

Make better choices! Everyone’s heard it, and it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Simply change some of the bad foods you’re eating now, and replace it with a healthier option (Click here for Top 10 Foods to Burn Fat and Build Muscle). Your body will thank you for it, and this could make a world of difference. Another change is drinking water. Seriously, if you can’t do this, you just don’t want to better your body. It’s is the simplest, cheapest, and possibly most effective change you can make. Stop drinking sugar filled, high calorie drinks, and drink water instead! About ½ oz per pound of bodyweight every day. For more on this spicific topic, visit Dieting To Look & Feel Your Best.


#2 Exercise You Enjoy

Grabbing dumbbellKeeping up with an exercise program will take your health, physique, energy levels, and more to a whole new level! But you need a plan that you will stick with. Don’t just go to some plan, made for experienced lifters, if you are new to it. No matter your experience or level, choose one that is made more specific to your needs and goals, because the best plan, is the one you actually do! Exercise should be done 3 – 5 times per week (6 days for more advanced lifters) with sessions lasting 45 – 60 minutes. Much longer, and you can start to produce higher cortisol levels, causing catabolic effects. When it comes to losing fat, lifting is so important. Performing exercises with resistance cause your muscles to work slightly tear, which in turn need to heal. This means you body will be working to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue for the following 24 – 48 hours, which increases calorie burn. If you are serious about losing weight, improving muscle tone, and body composition, lifting is a very important part of your program!

Many people try to lose weight, to get six pack abs, which is a great goal! But understand that you must also train abs to build them and get them to show. They are a muscle group like any other, but can be trained a little differently for optimal results. For more on Abs Training, visit 3 Important Tips For Abs or Abs Training For Beginners


#3 Cardio That You’ll Do

Cardio is obviously an important means to losing body fat. It is also the most well known one. Just get on the treadmill and go, right!? True, but that can sound awful for many people, and there are many other forms of cardio that can be even more beneficial! Some other forms of steady state cardio are jogging out site, bike ride, swimming, rowing machine, stair master, or even a hike or walk. You need to pick one or more that you will enjoy and stick with for 3 – 5 days per week for 30 minutes per day. Just because you don’t like the treadmill, doesn’t mean cardio isn’t for you! Another form of cardio is interval training. (H.I.I.T.) This has been proven to be the most beneficial and quickest form of cardio. It burns the most fat around the abdominal area, can improve muscle tone, increase heart health, and the list goes on. It is a form of training where you perform maximum effort for 30 – 120 seconds, followed by resting for 30 – 120 seconds. Exercises include sprints, battle ropes, punching bag, burpees, swim sprints, or anything else you can get your heart rate up close to your max. This can be done in 15 – 20 minutes about 2 times per week.


#4 Putting It All Together

Doing all of this makes for some simple steps towards becoming much healthier, happier, energetic, and achieving an even better body! Nutrition is the fuel you put into your body, and by eating the right foods, you can see more beneficial change than ever before. Exercise is a key point to fat loss and muscle tone as you can literally improve every aspect of your bodies physique, and greatly increase daily calories burned. Lastly the right cardio for you will aid in fat burn, heart health, and more. These all have to just be a way that is right for you, because if you enjoy it, you will stick with it to see the results, and lose the weight you are looking to lose. Always remember why you started, and don’t give up when it gets tough. Because once you’ve done it, you’ll realize how great it really is!

As I’ve stated, it can be hard to come up with the right program and routine for you. Most people end up taking years to realize what works for them, which is why I am here to help. If you are interested doing it the right way now simply check out my Meal Plans and/or Training Programs to see how you can get a plan made specifically for you and your goals!



Competing in a show is an amazing experience! It’s exciting to look forward to how far you will come in the short months! But there is a lot to consider in order to present your best. Such as how much and of what to eat, workout programs, posing, costs, tan, etc. So it does take some hard work, dedication, and numbers dialed in right, but having a great game plan will help you achieve so much more! Simple things like the  slightest changes to a meal plan, and/or workout program can mean the difference between 1st place, or anything else! Because when it comes time to step on stage, and you know you gave it your all, your physique will show it! Here we will go over a few things you should know and expect.

# 1 Structure Your Workout Plan

There is no cookie cutter workout plan when it comes to detailed perfection! Structuring a workout plan that is going to provide the best results for you is necessary to deliver your best self on stage! So know what works well for you, and allow an adequate amount of time for your body to develop and transform into the best shape you can get into! People average about 12 weeks for a show prep. Workouts should start off at about 50 – 60% of your 1 rep max, performing around 12 reps. This puts you in the higher end of hypertrophy to benefit from the most muscular change. As the weeks go, and your progress continues, change up your workouts, weights, rep ranges, and decrease rest time. Also, don’t just implement cardio, but conditioning as well, to improve muscle tone, prolonged calorie burn, and improved body composition!

# 2 Dieting

Easy steps to sticking with a diet

Dieting is one of the most important parts of preparing to compete in any sporting event. Especially a bodybuilding or physique show as it is the quickest and most effective key to a transformation! Staying committed to a nutrition plan with all the numbers dialed in specificly for you and your needs will drastically improve your results! Remember, you need to eat an adequate amount to maintain muscle mass and strength. These things arn’t “skinny shows”! You need muscle size, and definition! A lot of people go with a 40/40/20 split for macros, while some simply go with a IIFYM diet, and others like to carb cycle. While some may be more beneficial than others, it’s important to know your body, and stay consistent when seeing results! I always recommend to get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, around 60 – 75 grams of fat (depending on the person), and slowly decrease carbohydrates over the course of your prep. Then there is “Peak Week” which is a whole nother story, where diet and exercise change a bit.

# 3 Supplementation


Supplements can be very beneficial to your transformation if you are using the right quality products with the right quantities. The most popular ones, are protein powder, amino acids, BCAAs, and pre-workout. Protein powder should be taken right after your workouts for a fast acting source of protein for quick anabolic recovery. Amino acids and/or BCAAs can be taken during or before your workout, to help avoid muscle catabolism. They can also be used through out the day or between meals. Lastly, pre-workout is pretty self explanatory, but when you are depleting carbohydrates and overall calories, you’ll be happy to have the boost of caffeine for added energy during your workouts!

# 4 Tanning and Show Day


So the day finally comes. The few moments you have been training for months for! The last thing you want to do is throw it all away by messing something up on the last day! So make sure everything is packed (food, cloths, suit, pillow, cards, etc.) Make sure you are on time for your tan which is usually the day before. If everyone in the show is getting their tan from a specific tanning company, it’s usually a good idea to get yours from them to! That way you don’t run a higher risk of having a bad tan that stands out in a bad way. Lastly, back to enjoying the journey, enjoy the last few moments of this one! Your time on stage is where you can really show off what you have accomplished, and own the stage! It’s what the audience and judges want to see! And don’t get too nervous! Just go up, have fun, and deliver your best self! You worked hard for it!

# 5 Enjoy The Journey

Sun Rise RunYou should be competing because you love to live the fitness lifestyle. You like to exercise, be healthy, and maybe inspire or show others how far you can go with it! Remember that for when the workouts and diet get hard. As you diet down, your energy levels will drop, and workouts will be more difficult. But that’s all part of becoming the best you can be! Dedicate yourself to your goals, and don’t allow anything to veer away from them. Because when you get up on stage, and you know you gave it everything you had, it is all worth it, and it can be some of the greatest moments of your life!

Having a helping hand can guide you through body transforming workout routines, amazing meal plans with a variety of options to effectively burn fat and build muscle, and the motivation to never give up when it gets tough!

You’ve put yourself to the test! Now make sure you bring your best self to the stage, and take home the gold with the best program made just for you! From diet, to cardio, exercises, abs training, and staying motivated to actually follow through, you’ll be proud of what you have created, and step up on stage with 100 percent confidence!

So to get started on the right program catered for your most optimal results, click here 

High Carb vs High Fat Diet

High Carb vs High Fat Diet

When it comes to losing weight or building muscle, your diet comes into play quite a bit! About 75% of your physique changes, wether good or bad, come from how you are eating! So what should you do to get the most out of each meal for positive health changes, and to produce maximum results in the gym or on the field? Through this post you will learn what type of diet will best accommodate a healthy individual to reach his or her health and fitness goals!

It all starts with the goal you have in mind! Without that, it is very hard to decide what rout to take and focus on. So first decide what you want to get out of your exercise and nutrition! Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain a slim healthy athletic body? When you know which of these appeal to you most, you can focus on what is needed to accomplish it.

Lose Weight

Chicken and Rice

Like most people who go to the gym and eat healthy, your main focus is to lose weight by burning more fat! Thats great! Congratulations on making the right choice by learning how to do it correctly! When it comes to achieving that goal, the diet is huge! Which is soon how you will no longer feel! This is where a lower carbohydrate diet works well. I am not saying to cut out carbs completely, but limit the amount you eat, and stick to healthier, complex carbohydrate choices. These include sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, vegetables, and more. Fruits are also a good part of a meal, but should be limited as well as they are a more simple carb containing mostly sugars. What people tend to over look is this. Decreasing carbohydrates takes away from your bodies most immediate source of energy. So you should be replacing some of those carbs with healthy fats. This will increase your energy levels, along with boosting your beta oxidation (metabolizing fats). These healthy fats consist of avocado, nuts, coconut oil, and more. So decrease, not eliminate, your carbohydrate intake (no to less than 100 grams per day though) and slightly increase your healthy fats intake. Just keep an eye on your portion control when it comes to using fats as part of your meal. I like using slightly less than 1 – 2 tbsp at a time.

Gain Weight (Build Muscle)


So, you’re already feeling pretty lean, and want to build up some more muscle mass and overall strength! Awesome! It will take some work and time, but by learning hear how to do it the proper way, it’s almost like taking a short cut, and making all this progress much quicker! For this plan, you will want to consume more carbohydrates as they will aid in a calorie surplus, energy for the gym or practice, and muscle recovery! It is still beneficial to consume mostly complex carbohydrates as listed in the section above. However, as you are building more muscle, it is okay, and actually really good sometimes to throw in some simple carbohydrates such as sugars or white grains before and after a training session! Since you are getting the majority of your calories from carbohydrates with this diet, you will not necessary need to consume a large amount of fats. Save your appetite for more carbs and protein, while keeping fats to only 20% of your total daily calories.

Maintaining What You’ve Got

Clean wrap

You’ve put in the hard work, and are proud or content with what you have done for yourself. At least for the time being. That’s really good! Be proud of yourself, and don’t let is slip away! This diet is a little easier to maintain, as you do not need to drastically cut anything out, nor do you need to force yourself to eat more in order to make changes. If you are simply trying to maintain the body you already have, you should keep your total daily calories at a comfortable level. This means, eat until you are satisfied, but not overly full! You really don’t need to watch every calorie you consume unless you see a quick fluctuation in your weight, or lifts. Carbohydrates should still include mostly complex carbohydrates, and the majority of fats should come from healthy, unsaturated sources. Maintain a consistent nutrient split of 45% carbs, 30% protein, and 25% fats.


So a good general rule for losing weight is to cut down on carbohydrates, make good choices on the carbs you do eat, slightly increase your healthy fats intake, and drink plenty of water. For gaining weight or building muscle, increase your carb intake, and keep most of them complex carbs from natural food sources, but allow for some simple carbs before and after a training session. Protein intake should remain the same wether you are trying to build muscle, or burn fat. 1 gram per pound of lean bodyweight. This is to aid in protein synthesis, increase muscle recovery, and keep you feeling full and energized! So in the end, they’re not drastic changes! Just adjustments to the choices of foods you eat, which all together can make a big difference in you health, energy levels, physique, and/or performance on the field!

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article helped you understand how to go about your diet to achieve your fitness goals, and the body you really want! For more information or training, please visit my Online Training, Programs, Custom Meal Plans, and other Blog Posts!

Below is a quick look at a basic day of nutrition for a healthy individual looking to lose weight or gaining mass


Weight Loss Diet – Low carb

Breakfast: (Eggs & Oatmeal) – 2 Whole Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, 1/2 Cup Oatmeal (measured dry), Cinnamon and a tsp Stevia in the oats for flavor.

Post Workout: Protein Shake (1 scoop protein isolate mixed in water), and 1 apple, hand full of Almonds.

Lunch: (Grilled chicken salad) – 5oz grilled chicken, Hand full of Spinach, 1 cup of any vegetables, 2 tbsp of any nuts or seeds, 1 tbsp Olive Oil,  Optional – Balsamic Vinegar for flavor.

Dinner: 6 oz Fish or Red Meat, 1 Medium (150 grams) Sweet Potato,

Night Snack: 1 Rice Cake, 2 tbsp Peanut or Almond Butter, 1 Scoop Casein Protein Powder mixed in Water.


Mass Gaining Diet – High Carb

Breakfast: (Eggs & Oatmeal) – 2 Whole Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, 1 cup Oatmeal (measured dry), 1 Banana sliced, Cinnamon and a tsp Stevia in the oats for flavor.

Post Workout: Protein Shake (1 scoop protein isolate mixed in water or milk), 2 cups of Cereal.

Lunch: (Grilled chicken and Rice) – 5oz Grilled Chicken, 1.5 cups Rice (measured dry), 1/4 cup of any Vegetables, Optional – Lemon Juice, tsp of your favorite Seasoning.

Snack: (Wrap or Sandwich) – 2 oz Grilled Turkey or Chicken, small hand full Spinach, Tomato slice, 1 Whole Wheat Tortilla or 2 slices of Whole Grain Bread.

Dinner: 6 oz Fish or Red Meat, 1 Large (300 grams) Sweet Potato. 1/2 Cup Black Beans, 1 glass of Milk, Optional – favorite seasoning for flavor.

Night Snack: 1 Rice Cake, 2 tbsp Peanut or Almond Butter, 1/4 Banana sliced, 1 Scoop Casein Protein Powder (mixed in water or milk)