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Your goal is to live your best life…. Our assistance comes in the form of a proven, tailored program designed specifically for you.


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Founded by former Gymnast and Equinox Tier 3+ Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Dakota Life Fitness prioritizes helping busy professionals live their best lives

√ Personalized training to fit your schedule and needs
√ Comprehensive knowledge to reach your next level
√ Exceptional support and expertise for fitness success

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Maximize your gym sessions by adhering to a personalized program tailored to you.


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Elevate your workout routine with a customized program geared towards enhancing your fitness goals.


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Live your full potential and conquer any challenge by living the life you deserve with a strong, healthy body.

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Client Testimonials

Dakota’s constant support and knowledge has tremendously helped me in my fitness journey. When I lack motivation he is right there to give me some. He believes in me which makes me believe in myself.

Sammy R.

I highly recommend Dakota Life Fitness to anyone looking for personalized training and support.

John Thompson

Since joining Dakota Life Fitness, I’ve seen incredible improvements in my overall fitness and well-being.

Mike Johnson

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