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The Full Fitness Approach

Dakota Life Fitness offers the best coaching programs that include nutrition, fitness and support, designed to get you fit and healthy! 

Clean Eating

Nutrition is essential! If you are looking for a few alterations or a whole new way of eating I will help you with an plan that is doable and created just for you.

Fitness Training

Together we will tailor a plan to help you stay trim and fit or reach the next level of competition. Be ready to work and see the difference in your life.


I love seeing our clients progress! I am here to support, help, and guide you through your healthly lifestyle choices.

Dakota Heuer

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Physique Competitor, and Health Enthusiast

“I love to inspire positive change to help bring healthy lifestyles to everyone.”.

Dakota is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, online coaching (for non-local clients) and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

Workout Videos

Motivational Videos to help you get started, keep going, and enjoy fitness anytime.


High-quality, full-length workout videos


Clean eating recipes and tips


15 minute high impact cardio workouts


Weight lifting exercises you can do at home


Protien choices 

Fit Is A Lifestyle

Choose it!


Personal training for anyone at any level.

“Dakota, you have made me so determined and stronger. Thank you, this is worth every penny!””


Happy Client

“I began to see a change in not just my appearance but my attitude towards working out. He helped me with my nutrition which, combined with the workouts, began helping me shed the pounds.”

David S

College Student

“Dakota created a meal plan to help me get ready for an upcoming half marathon.  Not only has it helped me meet my goals of completing my runs, but I have seen a dramatic change in my fat levels, and my attitude.  Following the nutritious, healthy meal plans that he has written have helped me in every facet of life.  Dakota definitely knows what to do when it comes to nutrition, and living a healthy life style.”



Set up a lifetime of positive change in one week. 


Dakota Life Fitness

Inspiring positive change to help bring healthy lifestyles to everyone.

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