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About Dakota 

🔹ACSM Certified Personal Trainer🔸Online Health / Fitness Coach🔹Physique Competitor🔸Nutrition🔹Motivation🔸Kiteboarding  🏡 Miami FL

My name is Dakota Heuer. Health and fitness have been a passion of mine my whole life. And so has helping others succeed in the field I love. Growing up doing gymnastics, I quickly learned the importance of strength, athleticism, and proper movement. Following competition, I naturally turned to weight lifting and other forms of exercises along with nutrition to stay active, and in great shape. I quickly noticed some great results, and so did others. They wanted advice and I was happy to help. Shortly after, while attending college, I earned my first Training Certification through W.I.T.S. and began Personal Training right away. I then went on to earn a more accredited certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and my college degree in Health and Fitness Management at Slippery Rock University in PA.

After graduating I moved out of PA and became a full time One on One Health and Fitness Coach and lead Strength and Conditioning Classes at a great facility in South Carolina. But I wanted to reach out to more people, and that’s when I really built up my Online Health and Fitness Business. Now, I help dedicated individuals from all over achieve their health and fitness goals with Personalized Workout Programs and Nutrition Guides. Having the ability to help numerous driven clients achieve higher goals than they even set is why I love doing what I do.


With a Personalized Online Fitness Program, you will get the exact workout program that will have you transforming your body like never before! This includes a completely customized Workout Plan and Nutrition Guide with the proper progressions to maximize your results, plus check-ins/support via messenger, phone call, or skype (your choice) to make any needed adjustments. 


Get your very own easy to use Dakota Life Fitness Membership with full access to complete 4 – 12 week Workout Programs, goal specific Nutrition Guides, Tutorial Videos, Personal Results Tracker, and more. Simply select the program that best fits your goals (male and female options available), follow along, and watch as you progress more than ever before! If your schedule is busy, and you can’t complete a full workout, simply select one of our many “Alternative Options” including Home Workouts, 30 Minute Circuits, etc. Best of all, it’s right at your fingertips. NO MORE EXCUSES! 


Burn fat, build lean muscle, and increase your daily energy levels without all the guesswork on what to eat every meal. With enjoyable easy to follow nutrition guides personalized specifically for your body, goal, and preferences, maximizing your results both in and out of the gym have never been more simple!

It’s changed my life in more ways than just the scale.

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