You’ve heard it a thousand times! Leg day this, leg day that! And it’s probably the most commonly skipped muscle group by many people who aren’t serious about working out! But understand this! No matter what your goals are, working out your lower body is one of the most important keys to your improvements! By working legs, you recruit more muscle fibers than any other muscle group, which causes more calorie burn over the next 24 to 48 hour recovery, slightly increases testosterone levels causing increasing muscle mass and strength in other upper body parts, and helps you avoid looking like chicken from the waist down!

Even if you are looking to just build your upper body, incorporating leg day can dramatically increase your muscle mass and strength in your chest, back, shoulders, abs, etc. I even like to start off some of my chest, back, or arm workouts with a few sets of squats, just to set the tone at a higher level!

So with all the benefits of including a solid leg workout at least once a week, why deprive yourself of so much more progress! This is the day you’re going to lift heavier, and more intense than any other workout, and start to drive your progress through the roof! So build up the intensity and really make your leg workouts count! The one listed here is a great one that I have been doing and seeing progress in every lift! My squat weight and reps have increased along with leg press, and vertical jump! And it never fails to leave me feeling sore but extremely satisfied with the work I put in! It includes 5 by 5s to increase strength and power, along with exercises and reps specific to hypertrophy to help build muscle mass, and a better overall shape! Take a shot at it, and finally hit the goals you set out for!


Warm up: 30 body weight squats, 2 sets of 10 squats with 50% of your working weight

BACK SQUATS: 5 Sets of 5 Reps

FRONT SQUATS: 4 Sets of 8 – 10 Reps

LEG PRESS: 5 Sets of 5 Reps     Compound Set with TOE PRESS: 5 Sets of 10 – 12 Reps

WALKING LUNGES (with dumbbells): 3 Sets of 12 Steps each leg

Leg Extension and Leg Curl (Drop Sets): 1 Set of 30 reps each (Decrease weight by 15 lbs every 10 reps)


Watch the quick workout overview below


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