Daily Diet Guide for Weight Loss and Muscle Build

With so many food options and articles about what’s good and bad. What to eat, and what not to eat. So on and so on. It can be it difficult to know what diet would work best for you. The answer is one you can stick to without crazy absolutes or fads. Improving your diet should be progressive just like your workout program. Going 0 – 100 in one day isn’t going to last long, and your body will not react over time as effectively as it would with proper progressions into eating right for your body and goals.

I’ve helped so many clients improve their diet as it is a major part of leveling up in their health, fitness, physique, strength, performance, and basically everything around it. And over the years of experience, education, nutrition certifications, etc. I’ve noticed the best progress and sustainability comes from properly progressing and improving your diet rather than changing everything at once. Some people may even need to just start off with increasing their water intake to improve their hydration levels. You’d be surprised at how many people need to do this and have trouble getting a hold of their own hydration. Others are ready to move forward by counting macros, manipulating their physique through nutrient timing, or getting on stage for a competition. Wherever you are, it’s important to take the next proper steps to see and feel maximum change in your body rather than finding some fad, and hoping it matches your body, goal, lifestyle, activity level, preferences, etc. Some people try Keto for example and actually only needed to take out processed foods.

So to help make things a little easier, I broke down a few meal options as guidelines to help get on track with proper eating habits for better health, fat loss, and lean muscle build. Note, these are guidelines for the general public. For a more personalized diet created specifically for you, check out my Custom Meal Plan Options.

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