Many people believe that everyone is created the same, leading them to think if a certain diet or exercise works for someone, it should work for them too (which is not always the case). The problem with that idea is everyone is made up of different genetics which means every ones body is not the same. A person’s genetics determines just about everything with their body including their body type. There are three basic body types, which include Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph, which all have different aspects to how the body is formed. Some positive and some negative attributes apply for each, but by knowing your body type and understanding what it means, you can adjust your workouts to accomplish the best results for your goals!

            Ectomorph – This is the body type that tends to be thin and lengthy. The ectomorph has longer arms, legs, and mid section. Their shoulders and hips are not very wide and muscles tend to be long rather than bulky. They have a harder time gaining muscle but also have difficulty retaining fat, which causes weight gain to be difficult. Luckily, keeping the unwanted weight off is not a big issue.

A person with this body type should – Intake more calories through out the day and incorporate a more power lifting style to there workout routine. Exercises should include heavier weights and lower reps with 2 – 3 minutes between sets. Doing a lot of cardio should be avoided as well since that burns calories causing weight loss. Following these basic guidelines will help gain weight with extra calories (keeping it healthy with high amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates), power lifting, and little cardio.

            Mesomorph – The characteristics of a mesomorph include a strong muscular build, wide shoulders, narrow waistline, and slightly wider hips. Gaining muscle is usually not too difficult and you have a good ability to maintain a low body fat percentage. Muscles tend to be strong and lean while relatively easily maintainable. Although this is the naturally fit body type, it is important to continue with exercises and healthy eating that complies with you.

A person with this body type should – Maintain a healthy diet with their recommended calorie intake according to their body weight. When exercising, you don’t need to over do it with heavy weights. Power lifting is beneficial to you, however, incorporating slightly lower weights with high reps, doing plyometrics, calisthenics, and conditioning style workouts can give you your best results towards your goals. Rest time between sets should be short, along with the ability to work out longer and more often. You will notice your muscles heal fairly quickly allowing you to participate in more activity and longer workouts. It is also important to stretch frequently and maintain your flexibility. High amounts of protein are recommended to accommodate with your workout intensity along with maintaining a healthy amount of complex carbohydrates and fats.

        Endomorph – The physical traits of an endomorph tend to include a softer looking body and face. Their shoulders, hips, and midsection are wide along with a more rounded look to there hips and gluts area. The ribcage is usually wide and they have slightly shorter limbs for a more stocky appearance. They accumulate fat pretty easily but can also gain muscle fairly fast with exercise. Loosing weight can be a challenge, so regular exercise and healthy eating is very important to someone who resembles the endomorph characteristics.

A person with this body type should – Cut back on the amount of calories per day to help loose weight. Eating healthy meals that have a high nutrition density are necessary along with drinking water and perhaps taking weight loss/nutrition supplements can be very beneficial. Exercise should include a lot of cardio such as running, cycling, swimming, etc to burn calories and loose weight. Muscular endurance should also be a focus when exercising which would be low weights and high reps. Maintaining a healthy diet and cardio/endurance style exercises will help get rid of the unwanted weight and keep it off!


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