Full Back and Biceps Workout

Building a strong back and big arms isn’t always the easiest part of a physique to perfect. It takes a lot of work and the know how to ensure you are doing it right! People want to build both thick and wide muscles in their back, along with large aesthetic arms. To accomplish this, you simply need to perform the right exercises, starting with heavier compound back movements, and work your way down throughout the workout. When doing a back and biceps workout, it is important to start with back exercises, then end your last few movements with arms. This insures more muscular strength and power when lifting the larger muscle groups and then ending with a few brutal arm burnouts to finish with a bang!

The workout listed below provides you with exactly what I just mentioned, blasting all major muscle groups of your back and biceps in the right order, and intensity level to build the lean muscular physique!

Exercise 1 – Lat Pulldown on cable

4 Sets – 12, 10, 9, 8

Exercise 2 – Bent Over Barbell Row

4 Sets – 10, 10, 8, 8

Exercise 3 – Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown SUPERSET with Reverse Flys

3 Sets 10 Reps each

Exercise 4 – Single Arm Dumbbell Rows SUPERSET with Alternating Dumbbell Curls

3 Sets 8 Reps each

Exercise 5 – Preacher Curls SUPERSET with Cable Rope Curls

3 Sets 10 Reps each

Exercise 6 – Drop Set on Selectorized Curl Machine

3 Sets (1 set = 8 reps, drop weight 20% for 8 more reps, drop weight 20% again for 8 more reps. So 24 total reps)


  • All sets should be done to failure.So pick a weight that puts you at your max for each rep range listed.
  • Take 90 seconds between each full set, but minimal rest time between exercises done as a super set.

Thank you for checking out this workout and I’m confident you will enjoy, and see some great progress with it! For more exercise and nutrition information, please check out my Online Training, Fitness Programs, Custom Meal Plans, and/or other Blog Posts!

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