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Your place, your time, your program. Train and manage your nutrition from the convenience of your home.

“I love to inspire positive change to help bring healthy lifestyles to everyone.”.

Once you sign up:

  • You will be forwarded to a consultant form which will need to be filled out so that I can create the right workouts specifically for you and your goals.
  • You will be sent weekly exercise routines/log sheets with all the exercises, sets, reps, times, etc. laid out to easily understand.
  • Weekly email, phone call, or Skype to touch base on progress, exercise changes, and to go over your upcoming exercise routines. (It is your responsibility to get in contact with me or set up a specific time to go over these)
  • You can email, text, or call at any time for questions about your fitness program, (my phone number will be provided) and I will respond as soon as I can!

What you get:

  • Weekly workout routines with specific exercises, sets, and reps catered to your needs to reach your goals.
    Cardio and abs routines.
  • Meal/nutrition guide with flexible dieting to see results while enjoying foods you eat (adjustments to this can be made through out the program as well to keep up with your progress)
  • Access to my email and phone number for calls and messages to keep in touch with progress and necessary adjustments.
  • Exclusive access to exercise videos and instructions.

When you sign up you MUST:

  • Complete a consultation/questionnaire form. This way I can customize the workout to your specific needs and goals.
  • Send your email and phone number, which you would like to use to go over changes and updates to your weekly workout routines.

These are important to be able to make workouts for your specific needs and goals. If you don’t send these, I cannot send you exercise sheets or updates for your next workout routines.


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Dakota Life Fitness

Inspiring positive change to help bring healthy lifestyles to everyone.

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