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Build your best upper body with this killer workout to increase your chest and shoulder mass and take your physique to the next level! Having a great shoulder to waist ratio is what gives you that full body “V” shape, and that is exactly what this workout focuses on doing! To maximize results and truly grow and broaden the upper body, we incorporate both compound and super sets in this workout! By doing this you will also be keeping your heart rate up to burn more fat and better define/tone your body! Not only that, but we also engage both pecs and delts at the same intensity and volume, fusing the two focuses together for the full symmetrical development.


Shaping Your Body

The pectoralis major (chest) has 3 different heads, which originate at different parts of the chest. The clavicular (upper), sternal (middle), and abdominal (lower) heads, which all insert at the humerus (intertubercular groove more specifically) or upper arm, meaning that’s the bone they are meant to move. But by changing the angle of your movement, you will target specific heads or parts of your chest more than others.

As with your chest, your deltoids, or shoulders have three different heads as well. These are the anterior (front), middle (side), and posterior (rear), which all insert at the deltoid tuberosity of your humerus (about half way down your upper arm). However they originate at different points around your shoulder such as the clavicle (front), acromion process (middle), and the spine of the scapula (posterior). Each are responsible for elevating the arm, but by learning here what angle and direction you are performing the motion in, you will target a specific head more than another.


By following this workout you will be sure to hit all parts and understand which angles hit each head for a full round even development of both your chest and shoulders!


Workout listed below


Compound Set 1 (Chest): Plate Loaded Flat Press, Flat Dumbbell Press


Super Set 1 (Chest and Shoulders): Incline Bench Press, Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Compound Set 2 (Shoulders): Plate Loaded Over Head Press, Standing Lateral Raise


Super Set 2 (Chest and Shoulders): Incline Dumbell Flys, Rear Delt Flys


Burnouts/Drop Sets (Chest and Shoulders): Revers Grip Shoulder Press, Cable Flys, Machine Lateral Raise


Watch the full workout in action with more tips and advice here

Video: Chest and Shoulders Mass Workout 

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