If you are looking for a great way to build lean muscle tissue, gain both strength and muscular endurance, and improve your physique, this is a perfect workout for you! If focuses on Back and Triceps which usually isn’t a pair most people work together. Its always back and biceps, which makes sense, except working back and triceps is just as beneficial and I’ll get into why/how in a second. The style, as you’ll see, ends each muscle group with an FST-7 set which stands for facia stretch training. It was developed by Hany Rambod. Also known as The Pro Creator. It is a very effective and specifically designed for major results! The idea is that you will physically stretch the facia around your muscles to allow for more blood flow and nutrients to your muscle fibers and allow them to shape and grow tremendously!


Here is how the FST-7 works

For the muscle group you just worked, you will end with performing an exercise for 7 sets. Each set should be 12 – 15 reps with only 30 – 45 seconds rest between each set. This does not mean you pick a light weight to “get through” all sets. Choose a weight that’s about 50 – 65 percent of your 1RM so that you’re not just busting out a bunch of reps and sets without making them count. It is supposed to be difficult and you will feel a major pump when you do it right!


Here is why working Back and Triceps is a great part of your split

First of all, it’s always good to change up your workout and the split you perform every couple weeks. So if you haven’t incorporated this one yet, I highly recommend it! Now, most people do pair back and biceps which does work well because the biceps complement your back exercise very well. However, so do you’re triceps. The long head of the triceps originates at the scapula and inserts on your elbow. This means that anytime you pull your elbow closer to your body as in a row, lat pull down, cable lat lever, and pretty much any other back exercise, you are engaging the long head of your triceps. So whenever you work back, you are also working part of your triceps as well, and by doing specific triceps exercise after your back workout can get you great results, and that is why I like to pair these two together!

Listed below is the full workout:

Close Grip Lat Pull Down75% 1RM12 3
Bent Over Dumbbell Row75% 1RM12 3
Lat Pull Down Machine75% 1RM12 3
Seated Row75% 1RM12 3
FST-7 Undergrip Lat Pull Down50% 1RM12to15 7
Seated Overhead Extensions75% 1RM10 3
Cable Extension75% 1RM10 3
Skull Crushers75% 1RM12 3
Machine Tri Press Downs75% 1RM12 3
FST-7 Overhead Cable Extensions50% 1RM12to15 7


Anything paired together (no open slot between the exercises) means it is done as a super set. Ex. Close grip lat pull down and bent over row are paired, so they are to be done as a super set. Finish all 3 sets for them before moving to the next.

75% 1RM (1 Rep Max) should be a weight that you reach failure with at about 10 – 12 reps.

Refer to “Here is how the FST-7 works” for the exercises listed with FST-7 (Undergrip Lat Pull Down and Overhead Cable Extensions)

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