Importance Of Leg Day

Some people love going to the gym on leg day. Its the day you will lift more weight than any other day, and probably make the most overall progress if you give it your all! Other simply dread doing a good leg workout. None of the exercises are what should be considered easy, and it may hurt to do anything the next day. But that’s what it takes to get better! Skipping leg day is probably the worst one to miss of them all, and here I am going to go over why.

Overall Muscle Gains

When you train legs, you get the most bang for your buck! Basically, you help all other muscle groups grow as you lift heavier such as with squats, leg press, etc. So increasing your upper body mass can come from working on improving and increasing your lower body exercises. The reason for this is because when you lift this much weight, you slightly increase your testosterone levels, which in turn will help increase strength and muscle mass through out your body, and help burn even more fat. It also helps boost your recovery of whatever muscle group you worked a day or two before. So if you want to increase your bench press, also increase your squat!

Symmetrical Physique

It’s pretty easy to spot the guy that comes to the gym to do chest or back every day without ever training lower body. You don’t want to be the guy that always skips leg day. When trying to build a solid physique, you should be increasing muscle mass on all muscle groups including legs. This will help the overall look of your bodies physique, along with proportionate muscle growth.

2 Out of 3 Major Lifts

If you could limit your workouts to just 3 of the best major lifts, they should be Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. This is not just a matter of my opinion. It’s a fact that together, these three recruit all major muscle fibers, and build more physical strength in just about every aspect of lifting! And of these three, two of them include almost all lower body! Squat and deadlift recruit more muscle fibers than any other exercise, so by doing them, you are improving your major important lifts, and helping your progress in all other lifting components! And not just that, but if you are training for a specific sport, this heavy lifting will help you excel in overall power and explosive movement!

So by skipping leg day, you would be missing out on improving your major lifts, increasing overall muscle mass and strength even in your upper body, and creating a aesthetic symmetrical physique! This is why it is recomended to incorporate lower body training at least once per week in all workout programs.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this post helped! For more information on training programs please visit my Self Paced Training or Online Training page.

Watch the video below for a sample lower body workout


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