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Hard Core Six Pack and Back Workout

Build a wider back and stronger core for that visible six pack and “V” shape that everyone wants! Starting off with this hard core abs circuit will definitely strengthen all your muscles in your core including rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal, and external obliques!

Your abs are a muscle just like any other major muscle group.

You have to work on them in order to grow them and make them show. Even though diet is a major part of a visible six-pack, you can’t just cut calories and expect your abs to grow on their own. It takes solid core workouts such as the one I talk about here! After completing the abs circuit, it’s time to start hitting up that back!

Muscular development of your back

Your back is one of the largest muscle groups of your body, involving many different muscles, connections, and movements, This means there are plenty of exercises to choose from when it comes to performing a back workout to fully develop your lats, traps, rhomboids, etc. But here, you will learn some of the best ones to pick, and how to perform them for maximum results!

Abs and Back Workout

For this workout, you will perform mostly compound sets, as this will increase your overall efficiency in a shorter amount of time in the gym! It will mainly focus on your latissimus dorsi (lats) and trapezius (traps) since these are the major muscles of the back. You will also get some work on your rhomboids, and teres major as these are also important, and aid in the movements included in this workout! By learning how each of these muscles act on your joint movements, you can better target each specific muscle to build a fuller, wider back! Same goes for each muscle that makes up your abs and core. The workout performed is listed below.


  • V – Ups, Lemon Squeezers, Bicycle Crunches, Leg Lifts   (X 4 each)
  • Leg Lifts on Bench – Straight, Left, Right
  • Decline Sit Ups with Weight
  • Cable Oblique Crunches


  • Compound Set 1 = Plate Loaded Row, Lat Pull Down
  • Compound Set 2 = Roman Dead Lift (RDL), Iso Row
  • Compound Set 3 = Lying Dumbbell Row on Incline Bench, Reveres Flys
  • Compound Set 4 (Drop Sets) = Cable Lat Levers, Reveres Grip Lat Pull Downs

The Back and Abs Workout Video

Watch the full workout in action with more tips and advice to help you dominate your next gym session here:

Hard Core Six Pack and Back Workout 

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