I’m not writing this because of any specific event, or experience. It’s just the way too many people have become, and they give up on changing it. This is not a regular “take it easy and everything will turn out” kind of post. In fact, it’s more of a rant. So if you’re not mentally strong enough to hear it, just quit reading now. Because unfortunately, that is the go to for way too many people these days. They try for too short of time, get frustrated, or make excuses, and quit. Obviously I am not saying this is true for everyone! There are many self drivin people who motivate themselves and others by putting in the work, time, and effort to accomplish what they want! I know a lot of them, and see them every day. But for far too many people, this has become rare. I am going to use personal health as an example. One of the most important things in your life. Because without it, you’re not actually going to have much of a life or live long enough to be happy about it at all!

Taking care of yourself or others, or even reaching your personal goals has become low priority for many. People decide to make excuses for not going to the gym, not eating right, or just plain giving up on their goals that once meant something to them. It’s easy to make excuses. It doesn’t take any effort to give up. But have you heard of the one who did before achieving what they set out to do? Neither have I!

Don’t take the easy way out, or the frequently traveled path! Because what will be even harder to deal with, or accept, is the fact that you quit too early. And may never know what you could have become! There are hundreds of motivational speeches I could quote here, and hopefully you know of at least a few.

If your “want” to make it happen is there, there is a way to do it. “I’m too busy” “I’m too tired” “It’s not as easy as it used to be” These are all popular excuses I hear all the time. But you know what? They’re bull shit! I know the people who let their drive take over, and accomplish more than they even set out to. They overcame the obstacles, and don’t let excuses, or emotions get in their way! They continued with persistency! Really think about what you do, and if you actually don’t have time, or you just don’t want to change your boring, unhealthy routine. Some of you are sleeping 8 hours per night, or watching TV every day. And you say you don’t have the time to make yourself better. Everyone has the drive. You just need to use it!

Also, don’t let your kids be your excuse to not workout, or become healthier. Make them your reason to do it! I am not a parent myself, but I have worked with many clients and members who are. They don’t make their kids a reason to quit! They make their kids their reason to be better, and set an example of leading a good and healthy life. Even if it’s just 10 – 20 minutes a day to make for a better lifetime and experience with their kids and family!

Again, I am not writing this because of any specific event or experience. It is to open your eyes, and see what you have let loose before you let it go! My site, and major purpose is dedicated to helping people become the best they can be! But if they lose sight of their goals themselves, it’s not so easy to pull them back up alone. They need to be willing to make the positive change in their life, and realize they can make it happen. Don’t quit! YOU can be more!

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