Shed Fat To Keep It Off

Getting lean, healthy, and in the best shape of your life has been made to seem very complicated when really there are simple steps to actually make it happen! Everyone wants to get in better shape, but only few actually know how to do it right. Most people will lose weight then put it right back on quicker than they lost it. Other’s will try but won’t lose any weight at all. But the ones who get in great shape, and stay that way, didn’t just get lucky! It’s not because they are genetically gifted, have more time to do it, or any other excuse that you may come up with. There are plenty of wrong ways to do it, and just a few right ways. They did it right, and it shows. So here I am going to go over the most important aspects to actually shedding body fat, and achieving a great physique for your next vacation, spring break, summer time season, competition, wedding, or simply because you want to live a happier, healthier, more energetic, and attractive life!

#1 The Right Diet For You

Nutrition is the most important part of seeing results from any health or fitness program! It accounts for at least 75% of our results. To lose weight, you need to eat slightly less calories than you burn each day. Unfortunately the majority of the people (usually ones who try to lose weight wrong) think they just need to keep eating less. That is not necessary how to do it! Maybe eat less of the foods they currently are eating, but replace it with healthy options. Some may even need to slightly increase their amounts eaten. If you eat too little, your body won’t give up the fat it has now. Don’t go less than 8 calories per pound of bodyweight each day. Taking out the foods that cause negative effects and replacing them with more nutrient dense options, will keep you feeling more full, and energized, while aiding in burning fat and aid in muscle repair, and tone. Another thing is portion sizes. Americans tend to get so many calories in a single meal from crappy foods, directly causing unwanted weight gain. This is very easy to do when drinking too many sugar filled  containing drinks such as soda. All of this added up leads to where you are now. If you’re not happy with where you are now, here are some simple changes to make to actually reach your weight goals.

Make better choices! Everyone’s heard it, and it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Simply change some of the bad foods you’re eating now, and replace it with a healthier option (Click here for Top 10 Foods to Burn Fat and Build Muscle). Your body will thank you for it, and this could make a world of difference. Another change is drinking water. Seriously, if you can’t do this, you just don’t want to better your body. It’s is the simplest, cheapest, and possibly most effective change you can make. Stop drinking sugar filled, high calorie drinks, and drink water instead! About ½ oz per pound of bodyweight every day. For more on this spicific topic, visit Dieting To Look & Feel Your Best.

#2 Exercise You Enjoy

Grabbing dumbbellKeeping up with an exercise program will take your health, physique, energy levels, and more to a whole new level! But you need a plan that you will stick with. Don’t just go to some plan, made for experienced lifters, if you are new to it. No matter your experience or level, choose one that is made more specific to your needs and goals, because the best plan, is the one you actually do! Exercise should be done 3 – 5 times per week (6 days for more advanced lifters) with sessions lasting 45 – 60 minutes. Much longer, and you can start to produce higher cortisol levels, causing catabolic effects. When it comes to losing fat, lifting is so important. Performing exercises with resistance cause your muscles to work slightly tear, which in turn need to heal. This means you body will be working to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue for the following 24 – 48 hours, which increases calorie burn. If you are serious about losing weight, improving muscle tone, and body composition, lifting is a very important part of your program!

Many people try to lose weight, to get six pack abs, which is a great goal! But understand that you must also train abs to build them and get them to show. They are a muscle group like any other, but can be trained a little differently for optimal results. For more on Abs Training, visit 3 Important Tips For Abs or Abs Training For Beginners

#3 Cardio That You’ll Do

Cardio is obviously an important means to losing body fat. It is also the most well known one. Just get on the treadmill and go, right!? True, but that can sound awful for many people, and there are many other forms of cardio that can be even more beneficial! Some other forms of steady state cardio are jogging out site, bike ride, swimming, rowing machine, stair master, or even a hike or walk. You need to pick one or more that you will enjoy and stick with for 3 – 5 days per week for 30 minutes per day. Just because you don’t like the treadmill, doesn’t mean cardio isn’t for you! Another form of cardio is interval training. (H.I.I.T.) This has been proven to be the most beneficial and quickest form of cardio. It burns the most fat around the abdominal area, can improve muscle tone, increase heart health, and the list goes on. It is a form of training where you perform maximum effort for 30 – 120 seconds, followed by resting for 30 – 120 seconds. Exercises include sprints, battle ropes, punching bag, burpees, swim sprints, or anything else you can get your heart rate up close to your max. This can be done in 15 – 20 minutes about 2 times per week.

#4 Putting It All Together

Doing all of this makes for some simple steps towards becoming much healthier, happier, energetic, and achieving an even better body! Nutrition is the fuel you put into your body, and by eating the right foods, you can see more beneficial change than ever before. Exercise is a key point to fat loss and muscle tone as you can literally improve every aspect of your bodies physique, and greatly increase daily calories burned. Lastly the right cardio for you will aid in fat burn, heart health, and more. These all have to just be a way that is right for you, because if you enjoy it, you will stick with it to see the results, and lose the weight you are looking to lose. Always remember why you started, and don’t give up when it gets tough. Because once you’ve done it, you’ll realize how great it really is!

As I’ve stated, it can be hard to come up with the right program and routine for you. Most people end up taking years to realize what works for them, which is why I am here to help. If you are interested doing it the right way now simply check out my Meal Plans and/or Training Programs to see how you can get a plan made specifically for you and your goals!

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