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Online Training
Online training is the perfect way to train on your own schedule, no matter your current fitness level, or where and when you can workout! Each online training program is designed specifically for you!

Taking into account your goals, body type, past exercise and nutritional habits, current abilities, accessibility to equipment, and more, makes each workout and meal most effective for you!

You will receive an easy to follow, step by step workout plan, and nutritional guidance, along with weekly check ins to track progress, any needed adjustments, my personal contact info for any program questions at any time, and more!

It truly takes out all the guess work, and allows you to focus on performing the best exercises given specifically to you!

Get one-on-one personal training at Fitness Edge – a top of the line fitness center in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. When working in person with me you will get direct feed back to perfect your form, increased accountability and motivation, and adjust anything needed right on the spot!

If you’re around the area, take advantage of the amazing facility, and receive the most direct training possible!

Local Training
Group Training
Done in the same location as my Private Training (Fitness Edge) workout in a small group of 3 – 7 people to help motivate, and push each other through each workout! This is a great way to challenge both yourself and your friends! The focus of my classes are conditioning and TRX to keep the body moving through circuits and increase muscular endurance, core strength, and cardiovascular health!


Set up a lifetime of positive change in one week. No equipment required.

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