Recipes and Nutrition for Sports, Fitness, and Health


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No matter what your goals are, nutrition is always one of the most important aspects for progressing forward in your health and fitness. They say, “what you get out of your body depends on what you put into it”. You can exercise and be active all you need, but if you are not putting the right nutrition into your body, you will not have the best outcome you can get! That is why this book contains 90+ pages of guidance to some of the best nutrient dense recipes to stay in the best shape year-round, important information on eating right for your goals, along with some cLEAN Treat meals for healthy high protein alternatives that taste as good as the regular sweet desserts everyone wants from time to time. So whether you’re looking to better your health and wellness, lose weight, increase your performance, gain muscle, or simply elevate your energy levels, this is the book for you!


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