Online Fitness Training

Online fitness training is the perfect way to train with me no matter where you are, or when you want to train! Get you own personalized fitness programs and diet plans based specifically on your body, goals, preferences, access to equipment, and more!

“I love to inspire positive change to help bring healthy lifestyles to everyone.”.


What you get:

  • Full workout routines with specific exercises, sets, and reps catered to your needs to reach your goals.

  • Weekly check-ins (via email, text, or other), along with program updates to ensure continuous progression.

  • Cardio and abs routines.

  • Meal/nutrition guide with flexible dieting to see results while enjoying foods you like to eat (adjustments to this can be made through out the program as well to keep up with your progress)

  • Access to my email and phone number for calls and messages to keep in touch with progress and necessary adjustments.

  • Exclusive access to exercise videos and instructions.


Simply fill out the form below to get started!


Online Fitness Questionnaire

Please provide the following so I can customize your plan to most efficiently accommodate your needs and goals.
  • Your Information

  • Current Eating Habits:

  • How often do you eat each day
  • Thank you!

    Please note it may take up to 2 days for me to complete your personalized program. Thank you again, Dakota



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