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Dakota is the Online Personal Trainer for dedicated individuals! If you are ready to get real results in burning fat, building muscle, and leveling up in your overall health and fitness this program is for you. 

Male Fat Loss

Attack your fat loss and keep it off while maintaining muscle to achieve a leaner physique with 6 Pack Abs, and move more effectively, while boosting your metabolism and daily energy levels. 

Male Muscle Builder

Maximize your lean muscle mass to attain that filled out head-turning look by properly utilizing the Progressive Overload Principle to demand muscle growth all while drastically improving your overall strength. 

Male Beach Physique 

Challenge yourself to achieve that lean muscular stunning physique by combining the proper weight training and intervals to acquire defined 6 Pack Abs, an aesthetic V-Taper, broader chest and shoulders, and stronger legs. 


Take on the all notorious symmetrical 4-day lean muscle building split with an added arms day to allow increase muscle growth in your biceps and triceps while allowing for even higher volume in the back and chest during their spotlight sessions. 

Female Fat Loss

Rapidly boost your bodies fat loss naturally increase your metabolism to get into the best shape of your life and increase your daily energy levels. 


Female Muscle Toner

 Achieve that lean and toned look while improving your overall strength to own it on your next vacation, beach day, or simply every gym session you walk into. 

Female Booty Builder

Finally build the butt you’ve been wanting by incorporating proper exercises to build, tone, and define each muscle in your glutes, hips, and hamstrings.

Nutrition Plans

Enjoyable diet guides to keep you on track in the kitchen and maximize your results in the gym.


It’s changed my life in more ways than just the scale.
Bought my first suit in my life this week. Was pretty happy with the look and the progress I am seeing.
Post Spartan Race: Had the time of my life and had enough endurance to do it twice in a row if I wanted to. I’m signing up for the X next time!!

Dakota’s constant support and knowledge has tremendously helped me in my fitness journey. When I lack motivation he is right there to give me some. He believes in me which makes me believe in myself.

Sammi R.

Working with Dakota helped my journey in many ways. He keeps me accountable for the entire time and when there are slip-ups he’s always there to help me “keep moving forward!” One thing I can’t stress enough is that this guy really knows his stuff! If you need any help consider Dakota Life Fitness!!

Joanne R.

Dakotas training program has enhanced my fitness capabilities so much! Before starting this, I would go to the gym often, but I rarely used weight machines and never touched the free weights. For whatever reason it was overwhelming and I didn’t really know where to start. Now I have no problem lifting, and can do whatever workout I feel like doing that day with confidence! 🙂 Thank you Dakota!!

Colleen M.

I originally started this program to compete in my first 1/2 marathon. Not only has it helped me meet my goals of completing my runs, but I have seen a dramatic change in my fat levels and my attitude.  Following the exercise and nutritious healthy meal plans have helped me in every facet of life. Dakota definitely knows what to do when it comes to nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle!

Josh T.

I’ve been working with Dakota for about a year and have never felt stronger. His motivation drives me every session. He’s knowledge of nutrition amazes me. Dakota makes me feel comfortable in the weight floor. I love the results I am seeing with Dakota as my trainer, thanks for being you Dakota!!

Cheryl M.

My fitness journey with Dakota began about a year and a half ago.  I had just completed a three year battle with breast cancer. Prior to this, I had been in top physical condition but I got very sick and had a total of eight surgeries! When all the treatments were behind me I was physically weak but very motivated to get my strength and endurance back again. I hired Dakota, although at the age of 58 I had some concerns over someone so young and so strong training me!!! He has proven to be a fantastic trainer! Not only has he had to maneuver around some of my weird muscle pains from past surgeries, he knows how to maneuver my exercise to keep pain away. He never backs off. He encourages and makes the right adjustments to make sure I do what needs to be done to be my very best and strongest.  He has wisely guided me to eat healthy (he is a wealth of information on nutrition). Now, at the age of 60, I am the strongest I have ever been, and have never been injured under his guidance, which was one of my fears. He insists on perfect form to prevent injury and promote maximum results. I have watched him train the young and strong, middle age and some very elderly people and he is able to quickly develop an excellent workout for any level of fitness. He comes up with new moves all of the time keeping the routine from getting boring. Dakota is smart, kind, full of energy, and makes a hard workout fun! He is a 5-star trainer!!!


I was referred to Dakota Heuer (coach) from another personal trainer, who was familiar with my history.  Since the first training, over a year ago, coach has been great at keeping me focused and improving my overall health, including strength, nutrition, prevention of injuries, and exacerbating old injuries.  For his outstanding professional performance, Dakota Heuer has esteemed himself as an elite Health care professional! “Here we go!”

David L.

I began to see a change in not just my appearance but my attitude towards working out. He helped me with my nutrition which, combined with the workouts, began helping me shed the pounds!

David S.

Hands down the best workout and nutrition guide I’ve ever tried! Gunna look kickass in my wedding dress!

Hannah M.

I did your program the whole way through and got into the best shape I ever was and looked amazing.

Ashley M

So far, I have lost 25lbs and Lori has lost 6lbs. Seems to be working!

Sonny B.

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