Exercise Log Sheets

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Arms Battle Workout – Click to view

Dark picture of curls


Big Back Workout – Click to view

Rear back pose


Leg Day Workout – Click to view

Squats with a dark background


Full Shoulders Workout – Click to view

Grabbing dumbbell


Giant Chest Workout – Click to view

Bench Press with dumbbells


AMAP = As many as possible

(DB) = Dumbbell

(PL) = Plate Loaded

75% 1RM = 75% 1 Rep Max

Using a weight at 75% or your one rep max, you should get between 8 – 12 repetitions before your physically can’t do another in that set. This is the hypertrophy zone where you will see the most muscular change.

Always warm up for at least 5 – 10 minutes to get the blood flowing, muscles loose, and your mind ready and focused. This will increase your workout effectiveness. Also, remember to stretch and cool down after the workout to decrease lactic acid buildup and soreness in the muscle, along with safely decreasing your heart rate back to a normal level.

Try to minimize rest time between exercises in a super set or compound set, and only take 90 – 120 seconds rest between each.

Complete all sets of a super set or compound set before moving to the next one.

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