Aerobic Exercise Plan

Aerobic ExerciseAerobic exercise is the process of increasing the efficiency of your heart and lungs and is something almost everyone can participate in! Performing aerobic activity doesn’t usually involve added resistance to your training, but rather focuses on higher intensity, and increasing your heart rate to 70% of your max heart rate for the duration of the workout. This increases your stroke volume (power of your hearts pump), lowers your resting heart rate, and increases the amount of oxygen your body utilizes by delivering more to your muscles and organs with each breath. Along with all that, it helps you achieve a more well conditioned body, and drastically helps increase fat loss for a better body composition in addition to an overall healthier life! Common aerobic exercises include jogging, running, swimming, jump rope, kick boxing, and more.

This program consists of 4 workouts a week at slightly different intensities to generate specific aerobic metabolic pathways with numerous exercises to shock the muscles and encourage consistent results while keeping each workout exciting! It also allows proper rest time for your bodies needed recovery, and requires very little equipment.

The workout program listed below shows one full week of your workouts and should be completed for 4 weeks!

This program is for individuals who have some experience in fitness and are looking to step up their aerobic exercise, conditioning levels and/or overall health.

Key Notes:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with minimal rest time between each exercise.

Take 45 seconds recovery after each full circuit before starting the next.

Complete each circuit 3 full times.


Monday – Conditioned

1 Mile Jog – Outside or on a treadmill

Circuit 1 – Air Squats, Fast Paced High Knees, Jumping Jacks

Circuit 2 – Box Step Ups, Jump Rope, Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3 – Burpees, Butt Kicks, Jog In Place

Cool Down – Walk, Stretch, (10 minutes total to get the heart rate back down)

Tuesday – Distance

Bike 25 minutes at 50% – 60% or your resistance

Swimming laps for 15 minutes – freestyle and breaststroke

Thursday – Fighter

Row 2,000 Meters on a Rowing Machine at full resistance. Shoot to complete this in 10 minutes or less.

Circuit 1 – Punching bag, Jump Rope, Air Squats

Circuit 2 – Box Jumps, March In Place, Box Step Ups

Circuit 3 – Air Punches (Jabs & Uppercuts), Jumping Jacks, Burpees

Cool Down – 2 minute jog, 4 minute walk, 5 minute stretch

Friday – Mix Match

1 Mile Jog

Circuit 1 – Punching Bag, Jumping Jacks, Box Step Ups

Circuit 2 – Burpees, Air Squats, Jump Rope

Circuit 3 – Rowing Machine, Mountain Climbers, Butt Kicks

Cool Down – Walk and Stretch (10 Minutes total to get the heart rate back down)

All other days are meant for recovery giving your body time to physically and mentally adapt to the exercises and continue to improve on each one you do next! During these times it is recommended to include some activity throughout your day, such as a leisure walk or bike ride, pick up game, etc.


Keep the exercises and circuits the same but increase performance time by 10 seconds on each exercises every week.

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