7 Day Challenge

7 Day Challenge Program

This 7 Day Challenge is a jumpstart to get you on the right track, and make the most out of the full week! By starting this challenge you will push yourself to become more, and learn how to effectively complete each workout with a purpose! You will receive a complete exercise plan for each workout, along with a cardio and abs routine to start sculpting a better, healthier body! So take the jump and start making an even bigger difference! All it takes is doing it right for a week, to set up a lifetime of positive changes!


When you are ready to train we will be here to help motivate and organize your workouts for the best results!
  • Let us know if you are ready for personal training, group fitness, adveture training, nutrition guidence or other.
  • Please let us know your best available times to get started.
  • If you have any other concerns or questions please feel free to add them here.
  • Thank you for contacting DakotaLifeFitness!!!

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